Cent Browser Download for Windows

Cent Browser
Cent Browser

Cent Browser download is an amazing browser that comes with many useful features to make your online browsing safe, secure and fun.

You can auto-hide your address bar or history even if you are using the internet from a cafe. No one would be able to see the history you have as it won’t be stored inside.

Cent browser download is a modern and well-enhanced browser which is effectively based on Chromium. There are plenty of options that come along with this browser.

Be it the gesture of mouse or a well scrollable tab bar you can have it all. While you can auto-hide your bookmark bar, the incognito tab and amazing boss key make it perfect for everyday use.

Cent Browser Download

The downloading will become fast and you will no longer have to go through lazy and slow downloads. It is most compatible with the latest version of PC however is suitable for other formats as well. It can act as a VPN while you are scrolling down different websites and can work well as an installer for the offline setup of the browser. Check out the Facebook Page of cent browser download.


Google chrome-based

Cent Browser is Google chrome-based that is why it has got all the amazing advantages of the chrome tools.

Mouse gesture

You can move the mouse in any direction easily while checking out many sites. Their toolbars will be working well with this gesture mouse.


Cent browser has a scrollable toolbar attached to it. You can attach the toolbars in different sizes according to your demand.

Super drag

You can easily drag anything with the help of the right and left mouse. Your hands will be free of any pressure as well and you can browse for long hours.

Multiple Tab Options

The browser contains many tab options for you to select according to your requirements. There are many options to suit the needs of your browsing habits. You can also bookmark the important sites you have to visit on a daily basis as it will be like a reminder for you. Even if you don’t know the site address it will help you out.

Incognito Tab

The best thing about Cent browser you don’t have to open a lot of tabs and this Incognito tab will do all the tasks for you. It can be used as a private or a multi-login tab for as many people as required. You can keep all the tabs secure in one place and even if you don’t want your history to be saved there is an option for it.

Cent Browser download and installation

It is an amazing browser that you can download very easily. The file of this browser is safe and secure and if you include this software in your system it won’t bring any harm to the system. You can add other extensions on this browser to get the best from it. There are many themes available to you. You should download the latest software now.

Developer: The Chromium Project

First version: 2008

Project status: In development

Written: Assembler, C, C ++, Java, JavaScript, Python

Environment: GNU / Linux / FreeBSD / OpenBSD / Mac OS / Windows

languages: French, 47 other languages

licenses: Source code licensed open source

BSD license: , MIT license , LGPL , Ms-PL , MPL / GPL / LGPL

Website: https://www.chromium.org/

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