Download Tor Browser for Windows

Download Tor Browser
Tor Browser

Tor Browser is free and open-source software that enables anonymous communication, this developer has the world’s strongest tools.

It was released on September 20, 2002. Most people use a tor browser for a safe environment from any track. The hackers also use this browser because it provides you security and anonymity when you search the web. One of the main goals of Tor browser is that it gives you full control on browsing the web privately and explore it freely and it won’t leave your footprints behind like searching history, browser cookies, that most browsers do and sell them to advertising companies to better provide ad experience to their Advertisers.

Download Tor Browser

Download Tor Browser because it will isolate each website that you visit so that 3rd-party trackers and ads can’t follow you. As I said, this browser will delete your browser cookies automatically, so will your browsing history.

In this article, I will tell you about this Tor browser features also be discussing, its usages.

Tor Browser prevents someone from watching your connection such as IP address and the sites you visit on it. It aims to make all the users look the same, which makes it harder to recognize the nature of the connection and no fingerprints are printed or your device information.

Tor browser is free and easy to use, it’s released under BSD Style BSD mean Berkeley Software Distribution BSD which allows it to surf the internet anonymously and through it safe and this shape is like onion structure. That why we call it ‘The Onion Router’ Because it’s shaped like an onion.


  • Supports Linux, Windows as well as Mac
  • Automatic data decryption at the client-side
  • Visit blocked websites (if you ISP blocked any site, Tor browser will unblock it)
  • Now it available for architectures x86 and x86_64
  • Capable of routing data to/from hidden services and application behind the firewall
  • Capable of handling thousands of relay and millions of users just at a time

How Tor Browser-Software will Works?

The tor software works on the concept of the onion routing. In the onion routing, the layers are nested one over the same to the layers of onion router. The nested layer is responsible for all encrypting data several and sends it to virtual circuits. Client each layer of tor decrypt the data before passing it to the next side. Now in this process of layer decryption, all the layers function intelligently there is no need to reveal the IP or Geographical location of your user limiting any chance of anyone watching your internet connection or any site you visiting.

How to Install Tor Browser

Tor browser is now available for windows, mac, Linux just user needs to download its application from the down below link.

Now after download, the tor browser needs to install it. Before we install it I want to tell you that we also can run it from directly from pen drive the browser can be pre-configured.

Developer: The Tor Project

Initial release: 20 September 2002

Stable release’s: 9 December 2019, 9 December 2019, 9 December 2019, LTS 9 December 2019, LTS 10 September 2018


Written: C, Python, Rust

Operating system: Microsoft WindowsUnix-like (Android, Linux, macOS)

Size: 50–55 MB

Type: Overlay network, onion router, anonymity

License: BSD 3-clause license


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