Firefox Developer Edition Download for Windows

Firefox Developer Edition
Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition download, the most popular browser and also known as Firefox Quantum allows you to experience new features and tools. that is soon going to be included in the upcoming versions of the Firefox Browser.

With time new technologies arrive and things change for the better. The Firefox Developer Edition doesn’t use the Aura channel as its platform and uses the Beta channel where it holds all its functions.

Exceptional Engine to Attract Old Firefox Browser Users

Most users are upset when their browser takes a long time to open up a page and hate to wait while browsing. The Firefox Developer Edition helps you to overcome all those obstacles and you can use your computer without any delay. Now work can be done in less time because of this excellent browser. The pages start opening at a fast speed the work is done more efficiently and accurately.

Firefox Developer Edition Download

Brilliant Privacy features

The basic aim of Firefox Developer Edition was to bring new features onboard so that the users can have a better experience while using the internet. But the efficient designers have made privacy features a lot better than before. There are trackers everywhere on the internet who invade your privacy and spoil your fun and entertainment by sending viruses to your computer.

The privacy features are so strict that don’t let any tracker come near your computer and block them when they start approaching your domain. You can also keep your computer safe if you don’t want your browsing to be public at your home. The privacy features help to keep your browsing history private and any problems won’t come if you activate the features.

Perfect for web developers

The Firefox Developer Edition helps web developers to build their websites a lot better than before. There are new features available in this edition along with the old ones as well. The blend of these can help the web developers to create a web of their dreams. Now you can create a dynamic and unique web layout. Every web developer knows how important the unique design of a web layout is.

It helps to bring so much more traffic to the website. There are many new technology consoles and network tabs available as well. The console tab helps the people to hold group messaging so that the developing is done a lot better than ever before.

Experience the best

The latest edition of Firefox Developer Edition download, it lets you keep a tab on the websites you have visited most. When the browser holds the record of the most frequented websites it creates tabs for you on the main page. Check about for more important.

It becomes easy for the users to go to the website. You just have to click on the tab and you reach the website in no time. You don’t have to go through the inconvenience of typing the web address in the search engine bar or the address bar and by some clicks you can get to your favorite website. Also, you can download more browsers with the best tools.

Developer: Mozilla Foundation and its contributors

Initial release: September 23, 2002

Written: C++, JavaScript, HTML, C, Rust

Engines: Gecko, Quantum, SpiderMonkey

Operating system: Linux / macOS: OS X 10.9 / Windows 7 / Android Jelly Bean / iOS 11

Unofficial ports: FreeBSD /OpenBSD /NetBSD /illumos /Solaris, Included with Various Unix-like operating systems

Size: Linux, IA-32: 62.8 MB,  Linux, x64: 61.1 MB,  macOS: 66.9 MB, Windows, IA-32: 44.4 MB, Windows, x64: 45.9 MB

Standard’s: HTML5, CSS3

Available: 90 languages

Type: Web browser

License: MPL 2.0


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