Mozilla Firefox Download for Windows And Mac

Mozilla Firefox download is a very useful and fast browser that will make your surfing easy than before and can work perfectly for any platform.

It is available in more than 90 languages and there is no language barrier anymore no matter what language you understand. There are proper system requirements given to you and you will be able to use it effectively in your daily use. It has been updated with various features to make the browsing experience easy and comfortable for people.

Browser for privacy

To download Mozilla Firefox has been around for many years and is widely popular among users. Some people think that Chrome is more popular than Mozilla Fire download fox but this browser will never lose the charm. The makers always put privacy at first so they are given extensive features of privacy which won’t let your system have any kind of viruses. If you happen to enter any dangerous sites it will immediately stop you from entering the site.

Mozilla Firefox Download

What Mozilla can offer users?

The first thing you will notice about this browser when you download it is the eye-catching appearance. The orange and blue sign on the background looks very attractive. The speed of the browser is fast and you will be able to use it well even if the internet connection is weak. It occupies very little memory in your system and this remains the most important feature in everyone’s eyes.
If you want to play games on the browser they will load very fast. download Firefox Developer Edition Download for Windows.

Even if you open multiple tabs it will not crash or hang to give you a tough time. There are so many add-ons that will make the browser even more powerful. There are plenty of themes and designs which will be attractive for the users. Many people are now playing games on facebook and their mobiles so loading games on this browser has made things easy for game lovers.

Standard version

The standard version of the Mozilla Firefox browser allows you to have multiple features that you can use for various purposes. You can make your own Firefox account if you want and send it on a totally new and different site. The ad blockers and heavy-duty weapons provide easy, secure and safe surfing.

To set up the menu you are given various options and even if you want to have private browsing it will be available as well. The private browsing option will let your history remain unsaved and even if you use a public computer you can prevent your history from being saved. Choose from here which language you want.

To Download Mozilla Firefox for free

It is available for free and can be downloading simply into your system. Once it is downloaded you can install it and restart your computer. When you restart the computer and come back online it will appear on the desktop and you can start using it. The browser is available in a variety of languages so you can use it according to your choice.

Developer: Mozilla Foundation and its contributors

Initial release: September 23, 2002

Stable release: Standard 71.0, December 3, 2019

Extended Support: Release 68.3.0, December 3, 2019


Written: C++, JavaScript, HTML, C, Rust

Engines: Gecko, Quantum, SpiderMonkey

Operating system: Linux, macOS: OS X 10.9, Windows 7, Android Jelly Bean or later
iOS 11

Unofficial ports: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, illumos, Solaris

Size: Linux, IA-32: 62.8 MB, Linux, x64: 61.1 MB, macOS: 66.9 MB, Windows, IA-32: 44.4 MB, Windows, x64: 45.9 MB

Standard’s: HTML5, CSS3

Available: 90 languages

Type: Web browser

License: MPL 2.0


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