MSI Afterburner Download for Windows

MSI Afterburner download shows the graphics and operating system accurately. It will give a complete system for monitoring.

Users can switch to different types of settings very quickly. It consists of very important information and has a memory clock, temperature, voltage, fan speed, and whatnot. You also get a real-time screenplay and real-time information on a windows tray icon.

People who are fond of playing games can now enjoy more with MSI afterburner oc scanner as it will allow them to capture intense moments and scenes of their video game and share it on YouTube or among friends and family.

MSI afterburner Beta

You can easily check your Android phone device with the help of MSI afterburner download. If there are some defects you will know exactly if your phone is having some problems. It can fit well with any kind of format and help you solve any issue which your device is facing.


  • MSI afterburner is a very handy utility to overclock MSI graphics card. It has a variety of features which include.
  • GPU
  • Shader
  • Memory clock adjustment
  • Advanced fan speed
  • GPU voltage control

Additionally, these features may have an expiry limit as well but you can enjoy it while it lasts. There are an Alpha path and many additional features which will favor the customers in many ways. There is a new third party voltage control with other compatibility features as well.

MSI Afterburner Download

The hardware monitoring graphs are easy to use and you just have to click your mouse and start doing anything you want. The dual fan control support is amazing and is a new addition to this already amazing app. The MSI afterburner beta comes in various versions and you have to see which one is suitable for you.

Installation process

The installation process of MSI afterburner is very easy. You can download it from the website and once the software is downloaded you can install it on your android or PC. When it is installed it will appear straight in front of you in the documents. The best thing is that it is free of cost and you will be able to enjoy the facility.

Boost your game and lifespan of PC

MSI afterburner download is the world’s famous and most recognized graphics card software. It is being used personally and professionally over the years. It is completely free of charge and can be used with any kind of graphics card no matter which brand it is. You can use it to boost your video game and the lifespan of your PC can also be improved.

You can set the audio and video settings according to your requirements and have no fear of exceeding the limit of the card. It will additionally monitor your hardware and protect it from any kind of damage. The information will be shown to you in real-time so you can access it all yourself. With so many advantages you should also start using MSI afterburner. Download for Android.

Developer: Alexey Nicolaychuk

Stable release: 2.24c, August 23, 2009

Operating system: Microsoft Windows

Type: Windows Registry Tweaking

License: Freeware

Website: RivaTuner Russian Homepage (in Russian)

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