Notepad++ Download for Windows

Notepad++ download

Notepad++ download is a very efficient and well-planned text and source code editor that can be used for Microsoft Windows. It will allow you to have tabbed editing no matter how many tabs you have opened.

If you are using multiple files and are working on them together it can keep your files active in a single window. It is totally free software which doesn’t require any money for the operation process. Notepad online editing application.


  • Notepad++ download comes with great advantages as editing has now become easy for a normal internet user.
  • It is a text and source code editor.
  • It can work well with Microsoft word.
  • You can do editing on multiple tabs.
  • You can keep your files in a single window and edit them free software.
  • Safe to use and install.
  • Tested and proven safe for any operating system like PC and laptop.
  • It comes with a variety of plug-ins.
  • Editing and scrolling effects are neat.
  • You don’t have to pay while using it.

Millions of users worldwide

Notepad++ download is used by millions of people around the world for their personal and professional work and commitments. It is very lightweight and does not harm your system in any way. You have the opportunity to autosave, finding and replacing the string of the text and so on. You can also do line bookmarking along with split-screen editing and scrolling effect relating synchronizing. There are multiple versions of the notepad 10 and once in a while, new additions are added.

Notepad++ Download

If you are planning for line operations then there is a wide range for it and you can use it for sorting and case conversion, be it upper, lower, middle or side. The removal of abundant white space can also be corrected with the strong editing tools it comes with. You can also save a simple document or data in the Notepad 10 and share it with others. Download 64-bit x64 here.


Notepad online can easily support many plugins and macros and comes with robust and handy features that can be suitable for every type of user. They are very compatible plugins and can suit any kind of browser you have installed. The validity of HTML and CSS text will be checked while text sorting and handing of quotes can be done in the best possible way. It is also known that the makers are coming up with some additional plugins to support any kind of format. Download notepad 10 free.


It is able to internationalization process by using the XML files and it consists of all combinations like dialogue captions, menu and item titles as well. People in the programming field can make use of these things. The translations can easily be edited into new languages in any file you need. Most of the people have language problems but when you have this notepad online all your problems will be instantly solved. The scripting and code languages have never been handled in a much better way. check out Virtualbox.

Developer: Don Ho

Initial release: 24 November 2003

Stable release: 7.8.2, December 2019


Written: C++

Operating system: Microsoft Windows

Platform: IA-32, x86-64

Size: 3.79 MB

Available: 84 languages

Type: Source code editor

License: GPLv2


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