Opera Browser Download for Windows

Opera Browser download is a popular browser that makes your work possible and easier for you. The Best browser for you Windows and Mac.

You can browse the way you want to and it isn’t just a simple browser it has wonderful features that makes it a wonderful and fantastic browser. The best part is that the Opera browser with VPN is absolutely free to download. You don’t have to pay even a cent to download the browser and installing it in your PC or mobile is just a click away.

Let’s discuss a few things that you would like about the Opera browser download.

Browse faster

This browser makes browsing faster for you. It is the kind of browser which is better than many other available browsers. It makes easy for users to browse and open the pages faster. The opera browser has an inbuilt adblocker that makes it easy for you to load pages in seconds. Most of the time add block your fast loading speed and people get annoyed when ads appear and pages load slowly.

Opera Browser Download

Secure your privacy

A lot of people have security concerns when they are browsing websites. You don’t want your browsing history to be known by the general public. The privacy concern is very much common among shared computers where different people use the same computer. Vpn for Opera browser makes it easy for you to protect your privacy. Because it has a private window option which makes it possible for you to browse in private mode. The Opera browser with VPN installed in the browser also prevents online tracking and chances of your browsing getting leaked become impossible.

Stay in touch

The Opera browser download has a chatbox right in the corner of the browser. You don’t have to switch between windows and you can browse and chat at the same time. In most browsers, you have to switch to the chatting page to get connected to your friends. The opera browser does it so easy for you. Get connected with your friends and family conveniently. Check out the UC Browser.

Customize Opera

You can customize the Opera browser download with various themes of your choice. Most browsers come with the same boring layout and you don’t have the option to change the theme. With Opera, you can switch to different themes every day without any problems. You even have a lot of shortcut options for your keyboard. Just press a button on your keyboard and you can get to the pages you want.

Multiple features

You can save your battery with the save battery feature and browse for a longer time. Most people get worried when the battery needs another charge and it stops their surfing. The battery-saving feature can help you work on your browser for a longer time.

VPN for Opera browser has this extraordinary feature that other browsers don’t have. You can also sync data from different other browsers and devices. Syncing data is useful because you can get started with the same accounts and browsing pages you have used in the other devices or browsers. Everything is so easy with Opera to get it now. Download it for Linux.

Developer: Opera Software

Initial release: 10 April 1995

Stable release: 65.0.3467.78, 19 December 2019

Beta: 62.0.3331.55, 4 July 2019

Developer: 64.0.3372.0, 8 July 2019

Written: C++

Engines: Blink (formerly Presto), V8

Operating system: Windows 7, macOS, Linux, Android, (formerly FreeBSD)

Available: 42 languages

Type: Web browser

License: Freeware

Website: www.opera.com

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