Smadav Antivirus Download for Windows

Smadav Antivirus

Smadav Antivirus is a complete and secure software that will help to remove the harmful viruses from your computer. Also, your pc performance will be high. It will be able to give you high and real-time performance and your PC will be free of all the harmful viruses like malware, Trojan and so on.

Many times when we are surfing the net our system is under threat to be attacked by not only viruses but also third parties. When you have a weak network even hackers can attack it. Sometimes we install new apps on our phone because of which our device can be attacked by the problematic software so the best way to save your device and PC is the use of Smadav Antivirus. Check out for Smadav Pro here.

Smadav Antivirus


Additional protection

Smadav Antivirus is not like other anti-viruses and works efficiently to provide you with real-time protection. Many times people say that you should have only one antivirus on the computer at one time. But this dynamic item is compatible with other Anti-viruses as well. When the virus is detected and clean it will make the performance of your PC a lot faster than before.

Best USB Antivirus

It provides you with the best software and technology which will protect from the potential threats which are spread through the USB flash. You will be able to detect any type of new or old virus which may attack your system. fast and extra safe which will help you in many ways. The infected files will be cleaned and restored back into your PC so you cannot lose your important data.

Low resource Antivirus

The antivirus has a small size and takes up to a space of only 5 GB and CPU is used only by 1%. This will make the performance of your computer better and faster when you use the internet. Some software files are very big which can take a lot of space and the performance of your computer becomes very slow.

Cleaner and tools

Smadav 2018 comes fully packed with an efficient cleaner and important tool which will help to clean the threats and viruses from your system. Due to viruses, the registry is corrupted and it will be cleaned and fixed very well by the cleaner of this item. People often use it and now this product has become a huge demand among all internet users as well. The best thing is it will stop you from entering a site if that contains some harmful viruses.

How to download and install Smadav Antivirus

Smadav antivirus is very easy to use as the size is light and easy to handle. You can easily download it manually from any website online which is offering the downloads. When the download is done an installation option will come and you have to wait for it to complete which will normally take about five minutes. Restart your PC and start using this product. The security issues for the PC is no longer a problem and you can solve it with this fantastic thing Smadav 2018. Download CCleaner to clean your computer.

Developer: Zainuddin Nafarin

First release: 2006

Stable release: December 13/15

Programming language: Visual Basic

Operating system: Windows (minimum Windows 2000 )

Size: Windows: 1.7MB

Type: Anti Virus

License: Individual


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