Whatsapp Download for Windows and macOS

Whatsapp download, the world’s most popular application in the world. You can chat with your friends and family also you can do a video call. All the messages that are exchanged between you and friends will be able to sync well between your phone and the system be it a laptop or PC.

You will be able to see the messages on both of the devices. If you take any action on your phone it means that it is directly applicable for the Whatsapp download as well.

Product description

Whatsapp free download works well on both your PC and phone so you don’t have to worry about connecting. It will give you a great communication experience and you will be able to enjoy a good conversation with your friends or near ones. Normally you have issues if your mobile balance is low but this will provide you an instant service to share messages.

It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in. If you have Whatsapp free download installed you can avail of the services. You can easily arrange online meetings if your employees are from other countries.


  • You can access as well as view the Whatsapp free download on your computer or phone.
  • There have been many regular updates for the customers.
  • Won’t get any virus in your system whenever you try and introduce it on your device.

Available on various formats
Whatsapp free download is currently available on Android, iPhone 8.1, Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 EVO, BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Widely popular among users

Whatsapp download is already widely popular among the entire users. In every mobile phone, you will see this downloaded and people use it to exchange valuable information, as well as fun messages, are exchanged between people. Also, check out the world’s best video call application Discord Bots.

Whatsapp download

After seeing the popularity of Whatsapp download the makers are finally coming out with Whatsapp free download which also allows you to have a similar communication experience. You will be able to read the messages directly from your computer and phone simultaneously. All the messages will be live on your phone even if you are using it from the web too.

You can get all the notifications directly on your desktop as well as Android whenever you have a message from someone. Currently, there are around 700 million users of Whatsapp free download are people from all over the world who are getting benefits from it. Even if your friend or relative is living abroad you can connect with them and even have the option to start a live video chat. Your life becomes easy when you have these things at disposal. download for iPhone here.

How to install Whatsapp

You can simply check out the app and download it on your phone. Once it’s downloaded you can install and start using it. The app is totally free of cost and you can have unlimited messages facility. The makers of Whatsapp announced it on their blog that they are bringing the web version, especially for their valued users.

Original author’s: Brian Acton, Jan Koum

Developer’s: WhatsApp Inc. (Facebook, Inc.)

Initial release: January 2009

Stable release’s: iOS 2.19.121, December 10 / Android 2.19.360, December 10, 2019

Preview release’s: Android (Beta) 2.19.368, December 14

Written: Erlang

Operating system: Android, iOS, KaiOS (there are Windows, macOS and web app clients that work only in the presence of a connected mobile app client)

Size: 152.7 MB (iOS), 25.24 MB (Android)

Type: Instant messaging and social media

License: Proprietary software with EULA (“European Region”, others)

Alexa rank: Decrease 81 (December 2019)

Website: WhatsApp.com

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